A bit of upgrade for those that use 6.3mm(/1/4") plugs

Standard 6.3mm (1/4") end will now be gold plated furutech end! 


Due to manufacturing changes, all standard 6.3mm (1/4") TS or TRS ends will be furutech from now on.

International shipping changes Jan 21, 2018

Starting January 21st, 2018, the USPS is no longer allowing First Class Mail International (FCMI) service using the Large Envelope/Flat package type to ship anything but Documents. For any content type other than Documents, the USPS will now require shipments to use the package type of Package

For more details on the USPS change, including what does and does not meet the criteria for a document,see links below.

This change in package requirements will result in a shipping rate increase from $7-$12 per package.

Good news for International buyers and other addendum

First, international orders from now on will pay no extra shipping when compared to US buyers.  Rates are $5 for orders $49 and under and free for all orders $50+.


Second, recently added to the audio cables is the option for OCC copper and silver-plated copper.  Soon, litz coated wire will be an option as well.  Here's why OCC is a big deal for personal audio like headphones and amp/dac interconnects.  The process with which UP OCC is made starts with a pure metal (copper or silver, which I don't offer because costs are so insane for silver right...

Changes and additions

Changes and additions

As you may or may not have noticed, there have been some fresh goings on with mimic-cables.

We've added ready to go products for micro usb, lightning, usb c and 3.5mm extension cables.  

Pictures have been added or edited for ease of use and to give an up to date view of products offered.

Added mouse cable modding to the newly named Custom PC Peripherals Modding (previously called Custom Keyboard Assembly).

New product options have been added to the headphone/portable audio offerings:

 - Eidolic ends as standard (where applicable, denoted when you place an order and choose your ends)


International shipping changes

Bad news for those of you not in the US looking to get some great cables starting Jan 18.  USPS has doubled the rate for international shipping, which means I've got to increase the prices as well.

International pricing for orders under $100 is now $18.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.