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Added a new FAQ describing differences in sleeving

All cables are available in lengths up to 6ft for the listed price now

Pictures organized and arranged

Added services for soldering labor/repair work

MDPC-X sleeving now available for any sleeved cable

It's an exciting time at Mimic-Cables today as all cable orders can now be sleeved in MDPC-X sleeving direct from Germany.


Use this handy chart for ordering:

Services and some ...

Pricing for keyboard services coming very soon! Also, we will be offering some iPhone modification services. Stay tuned for some recent projects! Also, colored carbon fiber switch stickers coming (Very limited supply!)

Keyboard Services

Mimic Cables will soon be offering full keyboard assembly services.  Guaranteed two week turn around time once the materials are received (Applies within CONUS only). Soldering/desoldering will be done in-house and switch sticker installation/lubing will be handled by Conor aka "Gupgup".

Stay tuned for pricing!