So Mimic-Cables sells headphones and other accessories now?

Yep.  I want to provide a one stop shop for head-fi needs.


Why buy from Mimic instead of, well anywhere else?

Unparalleled customer service is the short answer.

Expanded upon, that means free 2 day shipping for conUS on in stock items.  It means local 1 on 1 and mini meets to demo gear before purchasing in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  It means quarterly meet ups for Austin, Houston, College Station, San Antonio and Lubbock areas.  It also means if 5 or more people anywhere in the US want to meet up, I'll bring gear to demo.  

It also means near 24/7 (except, you know, sleepy time) availability for questions, comments or concerns.

Sleeving (click type for picture)

  • Soft nylon sleeve with a tight weave pattern
  • Multiple colors
  • Available for Custom USB 2.0, Apple Lightning and headphone cables


    • Stiff woven plastic sleeve 
    • Multiple colors (click for list)
    • Available for Custom USB 2.0, Headphone, Amp/Dac/Extension, and Apple Lightning


    • Soft woven kevlar filament sleeve
    • Available for Custom USB 2.0, Headphone, Amp/Dac/Extension, and Apple Lightning 


      Cable Plugs

      USB A 2.0
      USB A 3.0
      USB B 2.0
      USB B 3.0
      Mini USB B
      Micro USB B 2.0
      Micro USB B 3.0
      Balanced (RSA/ALO)
      Mini XLR
      Banana plug
      Sennheiser HD5x0/6x0
      Sennheiser HD700
      Sennheiser HD800
      CIEM (JH/UE/westone/etc)
      Alpha Dog/Mad Dog