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Custom USB Cable
Custom USB Cable $21.00
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Custom USB 3.0 Cable
Custom USB 3.0 Cable $41.00
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Custom Lightning Cable
Custom Lightning Cable $30.00
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Custom PS/2 cable
Custom PS/2 cable $25.00
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Custom Headphone Cable
Custom Headphone Cable $50.00
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Custom Amp/Dac/Extension Cable
Custom Amp/Dac/Extension Cable $30.00
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Mini audio adapter
Mini audio adapter $20.00
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Miscellaneous Headphone Soldering work
Miscellaneous Headphone Soldering work $25.00
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Check out the reviews page to see how people like mimic-cables

March 22, 2015

http://www.mimic-cables.com/pages/reviews   Here's where reviews professional and otherwise will reside.  Feel free to email your own if you want them posted here.

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February 17, 2014

Added a new FAQ describing differences in sleeving All cables are available in lengths up to 6ft for the listed price now Pictures organized and arranged Added services for soldering labor/repair work

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MDPC-X sleeving now available for any sleeved cable

July 01, 2013

It's an exciting time at Mimic-Cables today as all cable orders can now be sleeved in MDPC-X sleeving direct from Germany.   Use this handy chart for ordering:

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April 24, 2013

Hello all! I will be out of the country for work for a little over a month. I should arrive back and resume taking orders late June. I hope everyone has a great summer! 

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