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Custom USB Cable
Custom USB Cable $21.00
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Custom USB 3.0 Cable
Custom USB 3.0 Cable $41.00
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Custom Lightning Cable
Custom Lightning Cable $30.00
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Custom PS/2 cable
Custom PS/2 cable $25.00
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Custom Headphone Cable
Custom Headphone Cable $50.00
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Custom Amp/Dac/Extension Cable
Custom Amp/Dac/Extension Cable $30.00
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Mini audio adapter
Mini audio adapter $20.00
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Miscellaneous Headphone Soldering work
Miscellaneous Headphone Soldering work $25.00
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International shipping changes

January 18, 2016

Bad news for those of you not in the US looking to get some great cables starting Jan 18.  USPS has doubled the rate for international shipping, which means I've got to increase the prices as well. International pricing for orders under $100 is now $18. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.  

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Check out the reviews page to see how people like mimic-cables

March 22, 2015

http://www.mimic-cables.com/pages/reviews   Here's where reviews professional and otherwise will reside.  Feel free to email your own if you want them posted here.

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February 17, 2014

Added a new FAQ describing differences in sleeving All cables are available in lengths up to 6ft for the listed price now Pictures organized and arranged Added services for soldering labor/repair work

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MDPC-X sleeving now available for any sleeved cable

July 01, 2013

It's an exciting time at Mimic-Cables today as all cable orders can now be sleeved in MDPC-X sleeving direct from Germany.   Use this handy chart for ordering:

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